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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to bring together, in one organization, the doctors of medicine of Fairfield County, Connecticut; to increase their knowledge in the art and science of medicine; to enlighten the public in matters of health and promote the health of the community; to form and maintain with the medical associations of the other counties of the state.


The Association is part of a coalition with five (5) City Medical Societies (Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and Danbury) representing all medical specialties in Fairfield County. 

Non-Profit Membership Organization of Physicians

FCMA is a voluntary, not for profit organization composed of almost 2000 physicians from Fairfield County. It is one of the largest County Medical Associations in the state.
FCMA, together with the other County Medical Associations in the state helped to form the physician-owned and operated Connecticut Medical Insurance Company (CMIC) and the CSMS-IPA which contracts with Health Net. 


 Offices are located in Shelton, Connecticut
 1 part-time employee and 2 full-time employees including Executive Director

Source of Income

As a professional membership organization comprised of all doctors of medicine in Fairfield County, the FCMA depends primarily on voluntary membership dues contributions to support programs and staff.

Major Activities of FCMA

I. Legislative & Governmental Affairs 
The health and welfare of the patients in Fairfield County is substantially affected by administrative regulations and legislative action taken in the State Capital and Washington, DC. Therefore, a sizable portion of the Association's resources shall be devoted to monitoring and influencing these policies and proposals. The Association shall advocate for the memberships' and their patients' best interest before the Legislature & Governmental Agencies.
    1.    Maintain a legislative key contact program called FLAG (Fairfield Legislative Action Group)
2.    Host an Annual Legislative Dinner
3.    Publish and distribute a legislative guide for physicians
4.    Encourage physicians to call or write their representatives on specific bills of interest.
5.    Distribute Capital Update and legislative Alert information sheets.
6.    Sponsor regional legislative programs for physicians.
    7.       Establish an ongoing visitation program with legislators both in the district and at the Capitol.
    8.       Track key legislative proposals and monitor legislators’ voting records
9.    Sponsor "Meet the Candidates" programs
10. Assist members in sponsoring fund raisers for candidates of their choice
11. Attend public hearings and testify when appropriate
    12. Encourage members to join FairPAC (The Fairfield County Medical Association Political Action Committee).




II. Media & Community Relations
Key to the ability of physicians to advocate for the best interest of their patients is the public's positive perception of the profession (trust). Also, critical to the Association's success in achieving its legislative agenda is its ability to influence public opinion. Therefore, the Association's Media & Community Relations effort is designed to give maximum exposure to physicians and their issues, and to enhance the image of the profession.
1. Respond to inquires from the media and provide official comments when necessary.
     2. Coordinate “Editorial Council” for responding to news articles with letters to the editor when deemed appropriate.
3. Submit news stories or opinion editorials when necessary and appropriate.
4. Arrange for physician spokespersons for radio, newspaper, civic organizations, schools, etc. (Speakers' Bureau)
5.    Sponsor Community Medical Internship Programs (business leaders, legislators, media representatives spend a day with a physician)
6.    Host an Annual Media Dinner
7.    Submit press releases/Public Service Announcements
8.    Provide professional “Speakers’ Training” for key spokespersons of the organization.
9.    Meet with the editorial boards of the major newspapers throughout the County on a regular basis.
III.    Publications
Paramount to the success of the Association is its ability to effectively communicate both externally with the public and internally with its own members. The Association believes it can never communicate too frequently with the public or its members.
The Association's activities in this area are designed to develop efficient mechanisms and a strategy for communicating the organization's goals and programs.
1.   Capital Update: Timely updates on legislative and regulatory actions from both the State Capitol and Washington, DC.
2    Alerts: Special “Calls to Action” asking members to contact their elected representatives regarding a particular issue of importance to medicine.



IV.   Membership Benefits
Integral in providing the highest quality of care is the ability of physicians to operate their practices in the most cost?efficient manner possible. The benefit programs offered by FCMA are designed to give members products or services at a price that they could not obtain on their own.
1.    FCMA’s Affinity Vendor Program provides value to FCMA members by engaging companies that are looking to reach FCMA’s membership. FCMA builds relationships with suppliers and companies that offer superior and competitive services for our members.
2. Practice Management Consultation: Provides members with information on such areas as medical records retention, confidentiality, ownership and self?referral, medical ethics, license registration, and interpretation of state and federal laws and regulations.
3. Physician and Language Referral Services: Each month, approximately 500 patients are referred by staff to member physicians based upon specialty, geographical and language requirements of the patient.
4. Socioeconomic Ombudsman Services: FCMA serves as a liaison with the State Department of Public Health, State Insurance Department, Attorney General, Medicare, Medicaid, other third party payors, hospital?professional staff relations, and Qualidigm (Medicare Peer Review Organization) to mention just a few.
5.    Practice Management Seminars: FCMA is a leader in providing practice management education opportunities within the County. Topics have included office medical emergencies, Medicare compliance plans, physicians use of the Internet, medical collections, billing and coding, and managed care contracting to mention a few.


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